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Haicheng Hetalc Powder Technology Co., Ltd is founded in 1999 and our main products are talc powder, magnesium oxide, etc., which are rich in Haicheng. After years of development, the company has become the inorganic powder chemical enterprise that integrates powder R&D, production, international trade, information technology, etc., as a whole.

Currently, the company mainly runs the business of talc powder, calcium carbonate, dolomite powder,chlorite powder,quartz sand, magnesia powder, which are widely applied to plastics and rubber (modified plastics, engineering plastics, shoe materials, etc.,), coating, paint, ink, cable, paper making, ceramic, refractory, chemical fertilizer, etc.
The company takes the business philosophy of Surviving by Service and Developing by Technology, gives up the traditional coarse-type processing and marketing mode, and focuses in customers. On the basis of years of experience of powder processing, the company enables customers to know the significant role of inorganic powder filler in the production field, and reduces the customers’ cost but increases the product performance at last.
With the top technology, top management and high-quality service and our advantages in information technology, Hetalc Powder  establishes the customer service system and the industrial knowledge base system in Haicheng, and greatly improves its core competitive power and service efficiency. In future, we will continuously explore. Let’s witness the miracle created by the combination of the chemical industry and the internet.