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Company give benefits for employees

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Laughter bowed out and celebrate the pig. 2019 when the Lantern Festival is coming, for express care for every employee, to thank all the staff for one year for haicheng HeTai powder technology service co., LTD., development of hard efforts, February 18, in the company organization arrangement, shall continue for welfare department staff in the Lantern Festival.

The welfare of the Lantern Festival this year, three dumplings. Departments during the welfare, the issuer, under the unified organization of orderly receive site, employees are queue up to get in a cheerful voice. Represent the company to the general staff of the thick bags of welfare care of love and blessing of the Lantern Festival, warm and harmonious company is permeated with a festive atmosphere. The welfare of the heavy goods in your hand, warm within my heart, strengthened everybody in the New Year foothold official duty post, create a better performance of the confidence and determination. We have said, the New Year will be the company to give care to work motivation, with practical action to make more contributions to the development for the company made new again!

心系员工 温暖元宵节 公司为员工发放福利(图1)

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