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Promoting environmental protection problems corrective implement this year

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In 2017, in liaoning province based on playing good defense in the sky, the province a total demolition of 6968 sets of small coal-fired boilers, consists the car out and old vehicles 145000 vehicles. Four main pollutant concentration of fine particulate matter such as compared with the 2016 have declined, atmospheric fine days ratio of 75.8%, 1.3% higher than the national annual appraisal indicators.

This year, continue to maintain dismantle small coal-fired boilers in liaoning province, to carry out the smoke vehicle comprehensive improvement, stalk burning is not relaxed, the entire province to dismantle 2503 sets of small coal-fired boilers, on the basis of all out proper small boiler, fully eliminated industrial park and the county built up area 10 tons and below small coal-fired boilers, shenyang overall demolition of 20 tons and below small coal-fired boilers. Our province will also be to dismantle small boiler to carry out the "look back", found that should be open, that is not opened will immediately organize dismantled. At the same time, I will also continue to push forward liaoning province coal ultra low emissions, start the ultra-low emission, iron and steel industry in the key areas to implement special atmospheric pollutants emission limit value. Increasing regulation "messy" enterprise scattered coal burning pollution, promote urban villages, suburbs and shanty town residents to use environmental protection and energy saving stoves and clean coal.

In the aspect of water pollution prevention, radical action will impose heavy pollution of rivers in liaoning province this year, the urban assault black smelly water and drinking water safety action. Plans to use three years time, the eradication of heavily polluted rivers in the province. This year will be about 11 heavy polluted rivers XiaoHao, full screen, seal, clamp down on illegal sewage outlet into the river. At the same time, continue to complete the five city proper black smelly water regulation, 18 towns sewage treatment plant DiBiao reconstruction task, complete the province's drinking water source protection zones 148 concentration of outlet of illegal buildings and clear the task.

Liaoning province this year will also accelerate the rural environment comprehensive improvement, the province to finish renovation of new village in 500, the new sewage concentrated treatment facilities 100 sets of collection, in 44 pilot counties to carry out the rural living garbage reduction classification. Efforts to create ecological township 20 at the provincial level, provincial ecological village 200, built a beautiful country.

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