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Do a good job in "four articles" push haicheng county magnesite industry and stronger to do best

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Should be rare resources, new product, this article fully mining system of anshan in the magnesium resources reserves and magnesium material processing advantages, relying on liaoning magnesium the new material industrial base, encourage enterprises to increase the high-end product research and development, do a man without I have, people I have fine, realize scientific, efficient and reasonable utilization of resources.

Must complete the existing stock of enterprise integration of restructuring, this article more influential, reform and restructuring in the competitiveness of big group, a big company, realization of the rational allocation of mineral resources, the formation of industrial cluster scale, continuously expand the city in the magnesium industry worldwide, the power and control.

Must complete product upgrade, improve technical content, this article fully exert the principal role of the enterprise and the government's guiding role, the comprehensive popularization and application of new technology and new achievements, to strengthen the construction of standard system of magnesium industry, strengthen their magnesium refractory industry, develop the magnesium materials, such as industry, promote the city's magnesium industry shift quality, and the efficiency and the upgrade.

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