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The 9th China liaoning (yingkou) in international magnesia material

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For further implementation of provincial party committee and government, the structural adjustment of the "three big article" job requirements, promoting digital powerful province of liaoning, intelligence building construction, speed up our province magnesium the industrial structure adjustment and transformation and upgrading, the ninth China liaoning (yingkou) in international magnesia material fair (hereinafter referred to as the "magnesium exposition") is held in September in dashiqiao. On May 8, the provincial new materials engineering center held the ninth "magnesium expo" can.

The relevant person in charge of provincial special resource industry development center introduced the ninth "magnesium expo" preparation, the overall vision and ideas of the exhibition. Province of industry and information technology in building materials, deputy director of the hall, deputy mayor xu huamao ji-wen tian, dashiqiao non-metallic mineral industry association secretary general zhang and association consultant Han Guangqi comrades attended the meeting. The meeting discussed the 9th "magnesium expo" work plan (draft), and puts forward opinions and Suggestions on the next step work arrangement.

Magnesium, Han Guangqi consultants to the ninth "expo" work plan (draft). Zhang, secretary general of the surrounding magnesium, boron, talc industry development BBS preparation are introduced. Vice mayor xu huamao stressed, dashiqiao will go all out to safeguard fair held successfully, and take this opportunity to showcase dashiqiao special resource in recent years is given priority to with magnesium industry development achievement. Ji-wen tian, deputy director of the said, as a support unit, province of industry and information technology will support the ninth hall "magnesium expo" related to work, hope to the exhibition as an opportunity to promote the province's magnesium industry sustainable and healthy development.

Meeting agreed this exhibition will be in on September 23-25 in public activity center, exhibition by the national center for new raw materials base construction project, yingkou city, liaoning province people's government of the host, the communist party of China in municipal party committee, people's government of dashiqiao, province special resources industry development center, non-metallic mineral industry association, province of industry and information technology hall and other units as a support unit. Show with "actively promote transformation and upgrading, promote green low carbon development" as the theme, focus is magnesium and boron, talc ore and products in the industry and new products, new technology, new equipment, new results, exchange magnesium, boron, talc industrial development policies, products, technology and development trend of the market.

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